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How rural recycling collection in western Ontario benefits from CNG-powered collection equipment

- Troy Walker is vice president, Refuse Division, at Joe Johnson Equipment.

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Rural recycling collection faces many challenges: long distances between pickup locations, smaller material amounts due to low population, and fluctuating volumes as a result of seasonal residents and tourism.

It’s no surprise then that municipalities are looking for service providers who can conduct rural collection in a way that is both feasible and efficient. When tax dollars have to stretch to reach the farthest corners of your county, creative solutions are in high demand and forward-thinkers relentlessly work toward optimizing rural recycling programs.

Huron Park-based Bluewater Recycling Association (BRA) embraces innovation whenever and wherever possible. When the municipalities of Lambton, Middlesex, Huron and Perth wanted to initiate a rural recycling collection and blue box program in the mid- ‘80s, and tender requests remained unanswered by the private sector, the municipalities simply brought the mountain to Mohamed. They founded their own service provider, the Bluewater Recycling Association.

With seven municipalities joining forces, the newly formed association was able to provide a recycling collection service for the rural areas along the shores of Lake Huron without blowing capital expenses out of the water. To this day, BRA is a true success story and unique in its legal form as a non-profit corporation governed by elected representatives from each member municipality.

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