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Friday June 1st 2012

Watch what Environmental Services Superintendent Steve Funk has to say about alley collection with their Expert Dual Helping-Hand and how it benefits the city and its residents. The City of Plano has been utilizing automated collection for the past 15 years and they were no more secret about automation for Environmental Services Superintendent Steve Funk until Equipment Southwest demoed an Expert Dual Helping-Hand to the city in the summer of 2010 and again in March 2011. The City saw the huge potential that a Dual Helping-Hand had to offer for alley collection and have since purchased two for their fleet. After using the Labrie Dual Helping-Hand trucks in Plano’s alleys for several months, “we have noticed a 10 -20 % increase in cart/hour productivity, we have reduced driven mileage and wear & tare on the truck such as tire replacement, cost to service and breaks changes. Since safety has always been a priority in our city, reducing collection time in an alley by 50% makes it much safer for resident and their kids and pets and we’ve noticed less wear & tare done by the truck in our alleys”, says Funk.

Full article: City of Plano, Texas speaks highly about its Expert Dual Helping-Hand truck.