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Driving the new Mack LR refuse truck - Mack LR brings greater comfort, ergonomics and safety to the refuse truck segment

December 6, 2016. ALLENTOWN, Pa. – by James Menzies

Refuse trucks are built to operate in all conditions, so who can complain when a little rain dampens a test drive? Or when sheets of unrelenting, driving, torrential, cold, November rain, for that matter, soak through everyone who dared step outside?

The trash still has to be collected, so there were no complaints from me when I visited Mack Trucks’ Customer Center to drive the company’s newest refuse truck, the LR model. In fact, the pouring rain helped me gain an appreciation for some of the subtler design enhancements built into the LR model that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. For example, a new drip rail above the door that keeps the rain from cascading into the cockpit every time the door is opened, which could be more than 1,000 times a day.

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Labrie Expert Helping-Hand on Mack LR

Peterbilt plays key role in remarkable growth curve at Waste Connections

May 2018 - First Class Magazine 

Anyone looking for a template on growth management might want to do a deep dive into the success of Waste Connections.

The publicly traded Houston-headquartered company expects to post $5 billion in 2018 revenue, roughly twice what it did just two years earlier. That’s about 10 times the revenue the company achieved some 15 years earlier.

Too fast, too soon? The trucking industry graveyard is littered with companies that can make that claim. Yet at Waste Connections, now the second largest waste firm in North America, it’s remarkably business as usual.

According to company officials, credit for such stability goes in one part to an innovative business management model, one part to a distinctive company culture, and one part to the support of supplier partners like Peterbilt, which has served Waste Connections for the two decades of its existence and recently helped the company introduce the new Model 520 to its operations.

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Labrie Automizer Right-Hand on Peterbuilt 520

How rural recycling collection in western Ontario benefits from CNG-powered collection equipment

- Troy Walker is vice president, Refuse Division, at Joe Johnson Equipment.

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Rural recycling collection faces many challenges: long distances between pickup locations, smaller material amounts due to low population, and fluctuating volumes as a result of seasonal residents and tourism.

It’s no surprise then that municipalities are looking for service providers who can conduct rural collection in a way that is both feasible and efficient. When tax dollars have to stretch to reach the farthest corners of your county, creative solutions are in high demand and forward-thinkers relentlessly work toward optimizing rural recycling programs.

Huron Park-based Bluewater Recycling Association (BRA) embraces innovation whenever and wherever possible. When the municipalities of Lambton, Middlesex, Huron and Perth wanted to initiate a rural recycling collection and blue box program in the mid- ‘80s, and tender requests remained unanswered by the private sector, the municipalities simply brought the mountain to Mohamed. They founded their own service provider, the Bluewater Recycling Association.

With seven municipalities joining forces, the newly formed association was able to provide a recycling collection service for the rural areas along the shores of Lake Huron without blowing capital expenses out of the water. To this day, BRA is a true success story and unique in its legal form as a non-profit corporation governed by elected representatives from each member municipality.

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Labrie EnviroQuip Group Acquires North Georgia Facility June 5, 2015

ONTARIO, CA, JUNE 12, 2015 - Labrie EnviroQuip Group ("Labrie"), announces the acquisition of 300,000 SqFt North Georgia facility, The facility sits on 125 acres in LaFayette, GA and previously housed a bus manufacturing operation as well as a high end machine shop.

This acquisition represents a key step forward for the Labrie Group by adding a substantial U.S. footprint to its existing Canada and Mexico operations; the three facilities combined bring the Labrie manufacturing groups to 775,000 SqFt on more than 200 acres in North America. The LaFayette facility will bring additional machine shop and fabrication capacity to the group for both aftermarket parts and full line production. Labrie intends to add both Front Loader and Rear Loader production lines to the facility in 2015 and 2016.

Labrie EnviroQuip Group is the leading manufacturer of premier waste collection bodies and solutions in North America with its Corporate Headquarters in Quebec, Canada. You can visit Labrie at

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We are pleased today to launch our new Labrie Enviroquip Group website with the online information, tools and support you need to choose and integrate our wide range of refuse collection vehicles.

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