The Impac

The Impac is a perfect solution for those seeking the most from their waste transportation systems. The Impac side loading compaction system is the ideal equipment for collecting steel containers up to 4 cubic yards and plastic containers up to 400 gallons.

Labrie Impac Commercial Side Loader





    Driver and Mechanic Safety: The Impac arm motion is fluid and constant with smooth transitions on pick up loads of up to 400 gallons, reducing both driver fatigue and repetitive motion injuries due to rocking.

    Speed: The IMPAC arm moves from ground to ground in 20 seconds, allowing maximum curbside pickup in less time.

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     Overall length  327"
     Overall height above frame  94"
     Overall width 105 1/4"
     Tailgate length 62"
     Hopper Opening Length 78"
     Hopper Opening Width 57"
     Overall Length (Tailgate Raised) 368"
     Overall Height Above Chassis (Tailgate Raised) 136"



     Continuous cylindrical design 3/16" ASTM A36
     Access Door  44 3/8"  X 35 1/2"



     Type Full Eject
     Packer Face Plate 3/16" ASTM A36



     Curved Face and sides 3/16" ASTM A36
     Rubber Seal Height 26"
     Latches Hydraulic latches on both sides
     Tailgate Capacities  1 & 5 yd³



     Lift reach 30"
     Lifting capacity 3000 lbs



     Operating Pressure 2500 psi
     STD Pump Gear Type 54 GPM @ 1500 RPM
     Directional Valve Parker, 4 Sections with Air Actuator
     Packer Controls In Cab STD Packer Controls (Stop, Pack, Retract & Eject)
     Arms Controls In Cab STD Twinstick (Joystick optional)
     Hydraulic Tank Capacity Steel, chassis mount, 60 Gallons
     Return Filter In Tank Return Filter
     Oil Level Gauge Mounted on Tank



     Packer 6 1/2" - 4 1/2"
     Packer Cylinder Force 82,950 lbs
     Lifting device Reach cylinder 3 1/2"
     Lifting device Lift cylinders 4"
     Tailgate 4"


    Note: Specifications subject to changes without notice




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