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Fully-automated, solid waste collection.
Maximum profitability.

The Automizer Right-Hand™ is a straight-frame side loading vehicle manufactured to the highest standards. It is designed to fully-automate the collection of residential and commercial refuse and recycling materials.

Constructed with Superior Hardness & Strength.
Maximum durability.

The standard floor made out of Hardox in the new Automizer 2010 Right-Hand™ will maximize the life of the body and reduce maintenance cost. More resistant base steel means also greater payload because no wear plates are needed.

Easy To Maintain.
Simple to Troubleshoot.

The new body style incorporates design features from the Expert (t) 2000 like rub-rails access panels, hydraulic control valves in rub-rails, body mounted automated arms, etc. Those features will help minimize maintenance costs and improve your satisfaction.

Best payload.
Maximum productivity.

How come it has the best compaction and load distribution available on today's market? Its unique tapered body is the answer, and the ideally-positioned grabbing arm means it can collect more houses on the same legal payload. Labrie's unique tapered body design results in smoother and easier unloading at the landfill or transfer station. Less time spent at the landfill means more homes collected per day.

Zero-Grab, low swing out.
Maximum maneuverability.

The Zero-grab automated arm is ideal for regular and narrow streets. Its longest reach on the market, unmatched by any other manufacturer, facilitates bin collection even between parked cars.

Reduced fuel consumption and noise pollution.
Maximum enviro-proficiency.

Best-in-class hydraulics permit precise and secure control of the automated arm, while the ‘work at idle' standard ensures optimized energy consumption.

Re-configurable, cab-controlled, split hopper.
Maximum flexibility.

Finally, a patented split hopper, known as our Co-Mingle version, allows standard cart collection, which means less spillage and highly reduced cross-contamination.

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